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Photograph by John Gay 1949 - National Portrait Gallery


“Alfred Higson was a remarkable musician.   An almost off-hand, benevolent style of conducting concealed the iron grip of a martinet.   It was this strong sense of discipline which made his choir outstandingly successful in the competitive field.  Wherever British choral singing was properly appreciated, Higson was recognised as a master, a grand seigneur of his art.”

The successes of Sale Rugby Union team in recent years have made the name of Sale known to people throughout Britain.  Fifty or sixty years ago there was a remarkable man who single-handedly achieved the same result, but in a different field.  Starting from a very humble beginning he became well-known in musical circles throughout Britain.  In 1945 it was said of him, “He came into Sale and lit a great lamp and it shines far and near”.

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