Warrington Male Voice Choir
Registered Charity: 1015320
Patron: Terry Waite CBE
President: The Mayor of Warrington
Accompanist:  Dr. Anthony Whittaker LRAM ARCO LTCL MMus
Musical Director: Russell Paterson BA PGCE


The former Chairman of the Warrington Male Voice Choir prepared this feature article for the Irish Peace Institute, University of Limerick, August 2008, for publication in the Irish Peace & Development News.


Barrie Johnson

Chairman, Warrington Male Voice Choir

“The Choir, over the past years, have worked tirelessly to conduct concerts in Ireland, in different venues, in prisons …. and, through the language of music, through the Arts, they have brought people together from different backgrounds.  They have made, in a significant way, a contribution towards the peace that we are beginning now to see in that troubled part of the world.

It has been a long process and there is still a way to go; but mercifully we begin to see results ….”

TERRY WAITE CBE, July 2005